UAW Local 5010 Committees Page

What is the best way to get involved with your union? Join a committee.

Committees are where a good portion of the work gets done and where your voice gets heard in a more intimate setting. We have several standing committees to get involved with. Here are the committee members who are involved, feel free to talk to them and give them your ideas or, more importantly, ask them how to get involved and join a committee. 

Standing committees shouldn't exist just because "it says so in the Constitution", they're designed to be the building blocks upon which a successful Local Union is based. Standing Committees also provide the starting point for many long-term union activists.

How Standing Committees Operate

Standing Committees have officers as well as members. Most Standing Committees consist of:

  • A Chairperson
  • A Vice/Co-Chair
  • A Secretary
  • A Treasurer/Financial Secretary (where applicable)
  • Members
  • Sometimes sub-committees/Task Forces 

The Local Union President, as provided under Article 40 of the UAW Constitution, is an ex-officio member of all committees in the local union.

Standing Committees hold meetings on a regular basis as determined by their local union bylaws, or as determined by the committee in consultation with the leadership.

(~the Committees page is still a work in progress and being uploaded~)

Constitution and ByLaws Committee

Conservation and Recreation Committee

Citizenship and Legislative (CAP) Committee

Women's Committee

Civil and Human Rights Committee

Veteran's Committee

Community Services Committee

Attendance and Excuse Committee

Publication Staff and Public Relations Committee

Consumer Affairs and Union Label Committee

Education and Mobilization Committee