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Charlie "Guy" Abbott, the Local 5010 Bargaining Committee Chairperson suffered a series of Heart Attacks in the morning on Friday, October 20th, 2017.

When several people tried to file their unemployment claims on Sunday, November 5th, 2017, there was a issue with choosing the proper options to qualify.

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NAFTA—to put it bluntly—was terrible for working families in the United States, as well as our allies to the north and south, Canada and Mexico. The terrible deal triggered job losses, closed auto factories, depressed wages and more power for corporations across all three countries.

Fill out the comment form to tell the U.S. Trade Representative why working families must be prioritized in future trade deals. We provided talking points below for you to use in crafting your own statement

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Navistar's computer systems had a malfunction and they were unable to take our union dues out of our checks on the first paycheck of the month. They will come out on the paycheck on the 19th. This wasn't the fault of Local 5010 in any way shape or form, but be aware of that deduction next week.

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     The next general membership meeting is Tuesday, October 2nd, 2017 at 3:50pm at the union hall which is located at 1414 N. Memorial Drive.

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Article originally from the New York TImes 8/12/17
From the The New York TImes Editorial Board

Workers at a Nissan plant in Canton, Miss., picked a bird in the hand when they recently voted against forming a union, and that’s understandable. Veteran workers, who generally opposed the union, make $26 an hour. That is less than the nearly $30 an hour for similar autoworkers in unions at the major American carmakers — but almost twice the median hourly wage in Mississippi.