Local 5010 Officers and Leadership

Executive Board

President: Jeff Jones
Vice President: Mike Jones
Recording Secretary: Pam Robinson
Financial Secretary: Stephanie Allen
Trustees: Kristin Work
Trustee: Jennifer Worthington
Trustee: Thang Suan Khai
Sergeant-at-Arms:  Dan Roberts
Guide: Jon Blackmore
Chaplain: Pierre Butler
Chaplain: Laquanda Lapsley
Chaplain: Justin Sloggett
Chaplain: Suan Khem

Bargaining Committee

Bargaining Chairman: Guy Abbott
Zone 1 Rep: Reggie Williams
Zone 1 Alt.: Montell Ross
Zone 2 Rep: Tammy Walkup
Zone 2 Alt.: Kenny Winchester
Zone 3 Rep: Roberto Pineda
Zone 3 Alt.: Andreas Serna
Zone 4 Rep: Casey Morgan
Zone 4 Alt.: Cameron Caudle
Nights Rep: Sherrie Wright
Weekends Rep: Alex Shaner
Health and Safety Rep: John Reeves
Quality Rep: Kisty Reeves
Benefits Rep: John M. Sigman