Benefits Page

The UAW Local 5010 Benefits Rep can be reached by phone at (918) 633-6015 or (918) 813-5035. He can be reached by email at [email protected]

Medical Benefits at a glance

Dental Benefits at a glance

Vision Reimbursement Plan

Aetna Medical/Vision Claim Form

Employee Assistance Program (EAP doesn't always workout for everyone, feel free to ask the Benefits Rep for other resources outside of the companies EAP program)

Disability/Worker's Compensation Claim Information

Required Documents to Add/Remove a Dependent ( Must meet the "Change in Status Event" requirement and be done within 60 days (the law only requires 31 days via the CHIPRA Act of 2009, but our policy allows 60 days) of the actual Change in Status Event date. They make NO EXCEPTIONS on the 60 days.)

Short term and Long Term Disability (937) 390-2816

Empower Retirement 401k (844) 465-4455