Local 5010 Chaplains

One of the lesser known programs of the UAW draws its inspiration from the very core of what founded our union – compassion and caring. The UAW Chaplaincy program started in the mid-eighties as a pilot project at Local 599 in Flint, Michigan. At the time, many UAW members – particularly those in the auto industry – were experiencing extreme pressures as domestic car sales plummeted and the lingering effects of the oil crisis led to huge waves of layoffs. UAW leaders recognized that a program was needed to help members adjust through the difficult times and avoid personal crisis.

Despite what its name suggests, the program is nondenominational. Where some worksites have EAP (Employee Assistance Program) representatives, chaplains work in conjunction with them to assist members. From divorce to bankruptcy, depression to substance abuse, chaplains are a key part of helping our UAW family through hard times.

UAW Local 5010 has four union certified counselors including two of our three Chaplains (the third will be taking the course soon). All four counselors are certified through the AFL-CIO/United Way Union Counselor training course.

The foundation of the Union Chaplaincy program is straight out of the UAW Constitution:

Article 41, Section 2

It shall be the duty of each member to render aid and assistance to brother or sister members in cases of illness, death or distress, and in every way acquit her/himself as a loyal and devoted member of the International Union.

Local 5010 Chaplains

Laquanda Lapsley