Bylaws and Constitution Committee

Constitution and ByLaws Committee

The bylaws of each local union, with the UAW Constitution, set out the rules by which the local union operates. In a new local union, the work of this committee sets the stage for for how the local union will function. Even well established local unions may need to modify or amend their bylaws.

Members of this committee are responsible for submitting original and/or amended bylaws provisions to the local union membership for discussion and approval. This committee monitors the required local union bylaws amendment procedure to ensure compliance with the current bylaws and constitutional provisions.

Once the amended bylaws provision(s) has been approved by the local union membership, this committee monitors the process to ensure that the amendment is immediately submitted to the International Executive Board pursuant to Article 37, section 3 of the Constitution. Join this committee to strengthen your local union's bylaws and structure.

Committee Members

JOHN M. SIGMAn - Committee CHAIRPerson