We have a new four year contract in place with the Tulsa Bus Plant. The contract is a good contract building on the progress made in our last contract.

Contract Highlight Booklets will be available at the Union Hall until 4:30 today.

The union hall is located
Here are the highlights of the new tenative agreement between UAW Local 5010 and Navistar.
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Although this is not a UAW sanctioned event, the Tulsa Women's March is an event that our Union Sister's and Brother's may want to participate in. This is an event all about women's viewpoints about our world and political climate. There will lots of things going on and the weather looks good for Saturday the 20th with a projected low of 50 and a projected high of 64. Find more details on the link below to participate in this event. January 20th, 2018 Event starts at 1pm but there will be activities beforehand and after the march as well.

Today we remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., an icon of the civil rights movement and a champion for the rights of workers. Locals and members across the country will be participating in a day of service to honor his legacy and serve their communities.

Union members across the country wear red shirts on Wednesday to show solidarity and to make their voices heard by management in a small way. The practice was started by the Communication Workers of America who wear red on Thursdays in order to honor Gerry Hogan, a member who was killed while on the picket line. The practice has taken on even more significance with recent attacks on workers' rights by legislatures across the country.

Veterans Committees a Key Part in the Life of a Local Military service is a sacrifice for soldiers and families. Long, lonely years are spent without a loved one at home or in a foreign land surrounded by danger. The lucky ones come home without serious injuries. But once they get home, their service and needs require acknowledgement and support.

Local 1921 Bargaining Chairman Paul Herrin, left, and President Dennis Fauver kept their local together after Hurricane Katrina.

‘It’s Who We Are’

NLRB General Counsel, Newly-Appointed by President Trump, Denies Workers Their Day in Court

(Detroit) — Late yesterday, at the direction of newly-appointed National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) General Counsel Peter Robb, the agency withdrew the complaint and cancelled the trial.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day is coming up!!

(It was cold but we had a great turn out! We even had some salaried employees show up and march with us in a display of unity, including the Tulsa Bus Plant's Plant Manager Chuck Sibley and HR members Randy Betancourt, Pam Van Gorder and Megan Hodgin.

Zone 1 Bargaining Committee Representative

Reggie grew up in Oklahoma City and moved to Tulsa 18 years ago. Before starting at the Bus Plant Reggie worked in construction and was in a hip hop dance company that toured the country. 

He started at the Bus Plant in March of 2002 were he has worked in Fronts and Rears for his entire 15 years at the Bus Plant. He has done multiple jobs in Fronts and Rears throughout the years.