Guy Abbott

Guy Abbott went to school in Pryor, Oklahoma and currently lives in Claremore, Oklahoma. Guy served 7 years in the United States Army, then got a job with Wonder Bread in Columbus, Ohio. That's where Guy got his first taste of being a member of a Union and how strong workers can be when they all stick together as one. Guy moved back home to Oklahoma and started working at IC Bus of Oklahoma (Navistar) in December of 2006. Guy has worked in the Flooring Department on the assembly line ever since he first started at the Tulsa Bus Plant. Guy was elected to the negotiating committee that signed the very first contract with IC Bus of Oklahoma. Guy continued  working for Local 5010 as a Shop Steward/Zone Representative in Zone 2. After the original Bargaining Committee Chairman left, Guy ran for and was elected to that post and has been the Bargaining Committee Chairman for the past 3 years.

"My goal here at the Tulsa Bus Plant is to make this place a little better each day. By that I mean everybody going home safe and uninjured and trying to make each job a little better or easier for the union members. Solidarity is so important. Together as one, we can solve any issue, but divided we fall."  - Guy Abbott