NLRB Certifies Election and Right to Proceed and Bargain

Collective bargaining is the process in which a group of workers comes together and negotiates the terms of their contracts with one voice. Making their demands, together.

If you haven't used your race tickets, they're good for this weekend (10/20/18). Last weekend was rained out (10/13/18).

Tuesday, October 16th

The Women's Committee is having a breakfast benifitting the Make A Wish Foundation.

Just 5 dollars for double biscuits and homemade gravy and sausage.

Help the Women's Committee support a great cause by having a good breakfast.

As many of you may know the Region 5 Director Gary Jones was elected to the job of UAW President replacing the retiring Dennis Williams. That means that UAW Region 5 has a new Director. Our new Director is Vance Pearson who was formerly the Region 5 Assistant Director. Here's the official scoop on New Region 5 Regional Vance Pearson:

Vance Pearson was elected Region 5 director at the 37th Constitutional Convention in June 2018.

Yesterday, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown delivered a speech on the Senate floor calling on GM to invest in Ohio workers. Last week, GM announced it would produce the Chevrolet Blazer in Mexico, even as the second shift ended at the Lordstown facility. Brown called on GM to move production of the Blazer back to the United States, and reinvest in American workers.

Brown’s remarks can be found below:

UAW Local 5010 is offering a new t-shirt designs for sale. It's going to be for a limited time and limited number, so be sure to sign one of the sign up sheets on the union boards asap.

Care about jobs and the future of your community? Angry about sweatshops and the exploitation of children? Resolute that looking for the union label is as important today as it was 40 years ago? Think our country does best when we invest in ourselves?

Celebrate the Victories of the Past, the Promise of the Future The hours are brutally long; overtime pay doesn’t exist. Workplace safety is unheard of. Limbs are lost, and yet the machines grind on, indifferent to your suffering. Do you want to keep your job and feed your family? Your boss wants his roof repaired and a gift of his favorite liquor, too

The labor movement isn’t content to merely survive in an era when anti-union lawmakers control both chambers of Congress – we’re moving forward, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka told delegates at the 2018 UAW Community Action Program (CAP) Conference in Washington, D.C.

“It’s time to drop our shield, pick up our sword and go on offense for a while,” Trumka said.