UAW Local 5010 T-Shirts for sale

UAW Local 5010 is offering a new t-shirt designs for sale. It's going to be for a limited time and limited number, so be sure to sign one of the sign up sheets on the union boards asap. The t-shirts will be 12 dollars and must be paid for up front (in cash to John Sigman ONLY). There is a minimum order for quality Union Made t-shirts of 24 so the order will be placed when enough people sign up and pay for the order to be placed (we can do more than 24, but we won't wait very long after we get 24 people to sign up to place the order. The order sheet will be checked about once a day). Any proceeds from the t-shirt sales will go to the UAW's V-Cap fund (the proceeds will be in the range of 7 cents to a dollar depending upon the size t-shirt ordered). If this is a success more designs will be offered in the future. The design shown will be on the back of the t-shirt with the union wheel logo on the front left chest of the t-shirt.

You will be given a receipt with payment for the t-shirt(s), KEEP YOUR RECEIPT. This will be your proof that you've ordered and paid for a t-shirt.


Design will be an American Flag design with 'United Auto Workers' and 'Local 5010' on top and bottom of the flag. The color blue shown in the design is a Royal blue, but actual shirt color may be darker (could be as dark as Navy Blue) based upon the availability of t-shirt colors from the vendor.